Frequently Asked Questions


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How do we change the sound the caller hears whilst the agent phone is ringing in UCCX?

Upload a sound (music etc) to CUCM as a Music On Hold source, and associate that source with the Network Music On hold on the UCCX Call Control Group


Can Force 8 write me a script to use the phone to record .wav files?

​Absolutely! We have these for all versions of UCCX/IPIVR, including version 10. The script will automagically create a folder in the language of your choice and even check if the .wav file is getting overwritten


What is an ICM PG?

A PG is a Windows 2008 Server with the ICM PG (Peripheral Gateway) software installed. The PG translates information between the ICM Central Controller and the 'Peripheral', which can be either an ACD, CUCM, IPIVR, CVP, Outbound Dialler or an EIM/WIM Server


Do you have a pre-written CVP studio script that records and uploads .wav files?

Yes, for all versions of CVP, including version 10


Can the Force 8 team help me with reviewing a network diagram?

Yes, we can review almost any Cisco Contact Centre document including deployment options and network diagrams


What is CUIC?

CUIC (Cisco Unified Intellegence Centre), is the new Cisco reporting tool for both UCCX and UCCE. For UCCX it replaces Crystal Reports and for UCCE it replaces Webview/Infomaker


Can Force 8 help me build a complex lab environment?

Yes, we have done this for many Cisco partners. we can advise on virtual RAM and CPU requirements for all components in both UCCE and UCCX environments, including ASR and TTS servers




How can I manage the ECC variable payload limitation of 2000 bytes and the CTI limitation of 2500 bytes??

Download our free sample spreadsheet here that has subtotal sections for CAD, eXony, CVP, Outbound and EIM/WIM to see how close you are to the system limits from here

What do all those weird letter combinations mean throughout every Cisco document (and this website!)?

All Force 8 engineers are also CCAE's - Cisco Certified Acronym Experts! Download our free SAM (Super Acronym Manager) spreadsheet here

Can the Force 8 team help solve the hard “Angry Birds” or “Candy Crush” levels?

Yes, we are well aware of the employee productivity gains to solving these games promptly and can advise on strategies for both IOS and Android devices


Can the mighty Manly Sea Eagles win the NRL competition this year?



What is the new UCCE Precision Routing feature?

Precision routing allows UCCE to assign a competency to agents within the same skill for the first time, so that we can now select “the smartest” agent