Our Services


We specialise in Cisco Contact Centre software, including designing, installing,configuring, business -as-usual management and reporting.


We will:


Provide or review documentation, including:

  • High Level Design

  • Detailed Design

  • As Built

  • User Acceptance Testing

  • Testing Summaries


Attend (or chair) requirements workshops.


Participate, assist, support (and if necessary, chair)

pre-sales meetings.


Configure, test, implement and deploy into

production any of the below products.

This may include, if necessary, building and/or

supporting a full lab system.


Provide advice on:

  • Design implications

  • Network design

  • Voice, call and agent screen recording

  • Interface to other 3rd party products


Assist & support pre-production pilot deployments.


Participate in (or chair) project progress review meetings as and when necessary.


Provide post cut over support.


Provide if necessary, mentoring and skills transfer on any of the tasks/deliverables listed


Our key expertise lies in the following software suites:

  • UCCE - Unified Contact Centre Enterprise; 10,000+ agents, 20,000+ calls in queue, 2 million+ calls/day, 120-ish virtual servers

  • PCCE - Packaged Contact Centre Enterprise; max 1,000 agents, max 1,800 calls in queue, 720,000 calls/day, 20-ish virtual servers

  • UCCX - Unified Contact Centre Express; max 400 agents; max 400 calls in queue, 40,000 calls/day, 10-ish virtual servers


Our key products are:

  • ICM - Intelligent Contact Manager

  • CUCM - Cisco Unified Communications Manager

  • CVP - Customer Voice Portal

  • IPIVR - IP Interactive Voice Response

  • CUIC - Cisco Unified Intelligence Centre


We also come into contact with most other Cisco products so please ask and we can almost certainly help.


If you have problems – or need help – with Cisco Contact Centres or Cisco Unified Comms, then please get in touch

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