Meet The Team


Formed in 1996, Force 8 (F8) is an Australian company that provides consulting and training services to big and small organisations world-wide, specifically for Cisco Contact Centres and Cisco Unified Communications.


Many of our team of specialist consultants are Cisco Certified Systems Instructors (CCSI) and have more than 10 years advanced field experience in either the Express or Enterprise markets.


All of our staff have extensive experience with both large and small contact centres.


Our main areas are shown below


Contact Centre Engineers

Support and management

P: + 612 9973 3888


Specialised Contact Centre engineers with extreme level skill sets on all Cisco-based “server” products. Involved as consultants for many of the world’s top IT companies engaged in Contact Centre design, documentation, installation, configuration, testing and deployment.

P: + 612 9973 3888


Cisco Certified Systems Instructors

Training and workshops

Training services and workshops provided extensively world-wide including USA, Canada, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, The Philippines, Thailand, China, New Zealand, Taiwan, South Africa, Korea and of course locally Australia-wide. Highly motivated and energetic speakers with 20+ years of practical IT knowledge and business skills.

System Integrators

IP telephony specialists

P: + 612 9973 3888


Subject Matter Experts in:

Cisco AVVID range of IP telephony integration, including video, encryption and authentication as well as call and screen recording

Media Sense

Social Miner


Workforce Management

Quality Management and Call Recording Evaluations


Calabrio integration

Verint integration

3rd Party Database integration