Customisations and Workshops


The Force 8 experts can build a customised workshop for Contact Centre engineers

Do you or your team need to get up to speed quickly with..

  • ICM scripting?

  • UCCX Scripting?

  • CVP Scripting?


Here's a sample of what we can teach, and/or provide working examples:

Workshop 1 // 


Playing Welcome messages

Playing back numbers, eg one thousand two hundred and thirty six

Playing back strings, eg one two three six a b c

Playing back ordinals, eg 1st 2nd 3rd

Playing back currencies, eg one hundred and twenty four dollars forty five cents

Playing back dates, eg Thursday, February 12th, Two thousand and thirteen

Playing back times, eg nine forty five AM


Workshop 2 // 

Menus and capturing of data

Getting Account numbers from the caller

Connecting to an external database using caller input

Retrieving data from the database

Connecting to an XML document using caller input

Retrieving data from an XML document

Checking for open/closed times

Checking for Public holidays


Workshop 3 //

Looping and counting loops

Temporarily disabling the "Are you still there" and "Please try again" system messages

Displaying information about a caller on the agent desktop, eg Name, address etc

Putting editable comments on agent desktop that display when transferring to another agent

Version control of scripts

Modifying variables from outside a script

Difference between 'interruptible' and 'barge in'

Joining prompts together, eg your estimated wait time is approximately twelve minutes, you are third in queue

Automatic recording and uploading of prompts

Workshop 4 // 

Conditional prompts

Container prompts

Escalating Prompts

Random prompts

Using sessions to remember the previous caller and automatically placing them back into the previous queue/agent

Emergency management/shutting down the contact centre remotely

Call-back in queue

Automatic sending of emails based on queue conditions

Working with Speech Recognition Servers

Working with Text To Speech Servers